Hobby update – goblin mincer

With all the 3rd edition hype, there’s little hobby work done. Most available time is spent reading the actual book, and both life and work are busy this time of year.

That said, a few minor things have been completed. Here’s my 2nd mincer! The first one (in the background) was completed quite some time ago, but I got a 2nd which I wanted to build for the Clash’19 mincer mob upgrade.

Of course, as these things go, I failed to complete it in time before 3rd landed. Fortunately, the mincer mob is a thing in 3rd too, so I can include it again if I want.

That said, the mincer mob is *irregular* now (the monster variety fortunately not) so to use the whole 2-mob regiment, I’ll have to build a 1,500 point army.

I also built a funky unit filler to make it a full 3-mincer regiment. I’m rather happy with the result! The lightning on the banner is funky, may make a better picture sometime soon.

Next hobby projects

These goblin boyz need a bit of paint to complete this regiment to a horde.

Other than that, I also have to finish the trolls I once started

That said, I’m not sure I will continue on the goblin path as soon as this regiment is finished. (at current pace, this will take some time, though…..)

As my goblin army is far from being completed and useable in 3rd edition, it might be more fun to start with a project that I can actually use. Maybe I can do some additions to my undead army (goreblight? Soul reaver infantry? Revenant cavalry horde) or alternatively I can try to rebuild my humans to a basilean infantry army.

Options enough. First, let’s finish this goblin regiment!

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