Hobby update – Trollin’ around

I painted up a pair of Trolls recently. My Goblin detachment (it’s not really an army, nor will it be anytime soon) urgently needs some unlockers. The best unlockers in the goblin army (without having to paint 30-ish more gobbos) are trolls.

Frankly said, I only painted these because I need unlockers. They are reaper bones trolls which are decently priced, but not that great in detail.

Other than that, I started this army because of basing and diorama’s, not because I particulary like painting these minis….. and that shows.

Not that it’s a bad paint job, it’s also not great. That said, it’ll have to do.

As for now, these two trolls will have to remain based on their bones base until I finished the 2nd batch. (A trio of Mantic trolls)

Until that time, they can be based on spare 40×40’s + a unit filler from my undead zombie trolls if they are needed immeditately. Eventually the whole horde will be completed at some time and at that time, I’ll craft a multibase for them.

Until that time, the goblin detachment rests at 635 points, the previous 510 plus 125 for a regiment of trolls.

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