Hobby update and Scorpion comparison

It’s been a while since I posted a hobby update. Mainly because of the fine weather, painting is very slow these days, but that’s okay. KoW hobby time is -for me at least- partially a fall/winter thing.

That said, I finished a pair of reaper bones scorpions. As with all reaper minatures, the detail isn’t that great, but they are easy and fun to paint.

Here they are side by side as I experimented with different colour schemes on both of them. Both of them have the same basic colours, a leather brown base covered in a green ink. From that point, the painting schemes are diverging.

The leftmost scorpion was highlighted plague yellow and then edge highlighted bleached bone. This allows for a very striking colour blend which seems rather natural.

I based him on a rocky outcrop, behind raised. The colours of the basing are more or less the standard colours of the whole army, which is pretty satisfying.

The rightmost scorpion was painted moon yellow highlights over a plague yellow drybrush.

This left the model in a vibrant yellow tone that I didn’t like at all, so I shaded it again with a diluted brown ink. The result is rather pretty. Also, I based him (or her, who can tell?) on a rocky outcrop to hide the rock that’s part of the model.

In-game use

I use these models as either brotherhood forsaken beasts or empire of dust scorpion husks. The statistics are very comparable: (images taken from easyarmy.com)

Forsaken beast:

Scorpion husk:

Both have speed 6, 8 attacks @ melee 4+ and CS (2) and def 5+. The brotherhood beast has a better nerve and is 20 points cheaper. It also has some upgrade options, which are all priced decent. (combine ensnare and regen for a real anvil, for instance, while breath gives your monster something to do when i cannot charge for only 15 points.

The empire husk has lifeleech, shambles (not a disadvantage in that army), vanguard and vicious.

All in, I think both monsters have their uses. 8 attacks on a 50mm base that can be surged into a flank are really nasty, so the Empire of Dust scorpion is very good in that army. (too bad it competes with the bone giant for the same spot which is mucht more resillent, so it doesn’t get the attention it deserves)

The forsaken beast fills an important role in the Brotherhood army. CS(2) is important in an army dependant on TC and a def 5+ 15/17 anvil on a 50mm base is very good too. The cheap point costs is very fine too in an army which is generally slightly overcosted and most of the options are decent too. The temptation to load up on upgrades must be avoided, though as spending more than 155 points on them are hardly ever justified.

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