Hobby Update – Recons and multibase slots

Remember those reconnoiterers that got finished last week? Here’s them (without their riders at the moment) while I’m basing them.

That said, I also finished one of these slotted multibases where I can fit a number (in this case seven) individual models for my 3rd regiment of knights. Here’s two pictures:

I must say I’m not that impressed.

The models are early 2000, so not my best models anyhow. Then, the slotted multibase doesn’t really match the basing of the individual models, so all-in I’m not too happy with the result. I might update the basing of the individual models to make it somewhat presentable, but I’ll stick to regular multibasing in the future.

I also might just throw away the slotbase and properly multibase those knights. That said, I’m a bit tired out on basing more cavalry, so I’ll leave that for the time being, probably.

I also started out on my Order of Redemption tryout model. This is just the base coat, as I’ll be trying out how the armour looks without a black undercoat (this one is greygreen). We’ll see.

I’ll be away for the weekend, so next update will probably be somewhere during the next week. Until that time, Happy gaming!


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