Alternative builds for the Brotherhood army

Last week I posted my finished Brotherhood army of 1,500 points. In the future there’s chance of expansion to 2,000 points, but as of now painting is slow due to summer weather.


In this post I’ll be trying out an alternative build for this army using the Kingdoms of Men army list.

First things first: The original army list can be found here. As Brotherhood characters and senior knights are *very*expensive, I tried an alternative using the cheaper Kingdoms of Men models. The verdict is at the end.

the list (Kingdoms of men, 1,500 points)

  • 3x Knights regiment (195 each)
  • Knights horde, caterpillar (360)
    • Knights of various kinds turn into KoM knights. I didn’t have enough points for 5 regiments, so I had to combine 2 into a horde. A horde needs Caterpillar.
  • 2 troops of mounted sergeants (105 each). These guys are the recoinnoiterers without the vilein stuff.
  • Giant (190) as alternative to the Forsaken beast
  • Army standard, mount, war bow. (70)
  • Hero, horse, inspiring talisman (85)

The verdict

Fortunately, a knight list is best done by brotherhood. The Kingdoms of Men list is a pale reflection of the Brotherhood original. Just a few observations.

  • Since KoM don’t inspire like Redemption knights, a 2nd source of inspiring is needed. This is done by taking the inspiring talisman on the hero, but now he’s no longer sacrificial.
  • Due to point limitations, two regiments of knights have to be combined into a horde. I’m not a fan of knight hordes.
  • Due to point limitations, the lute was dropped for a war bow and this leaves the army without bane chant. This hurts the grinding options of the army -which weren’t too good to start with-
  • While the giant is better than the forsaken beast, he’s also much more expensive. The beast (a cheap roadblock with some CS) was all that I needed, so the extra cost is kinda wasted and I needed the points, hence the cuts as above.

Other options

While in theory Basileans (and even Varangur) can also make an all-mounted force, a quick glance through the army lists show that I cannot build a well-working army with the models I own.

An army built around mounted paladins and panther lancers (which would represent the knights/reconnoiterers respectively) turns out to be more expensive for the same offensive capacity.

That said, the guys at my liked blog dash-28 had an article representing another option:

image taken from dash -28

Historical French!

Here’s the article: Basically, the french cavaliers are KoM knights at a 5 point premium for elite. As I’ve never thought seriously about historical armies, this Brotherhood only needs to drop the forsaken beast to be 100% historical. And even the beast can find a place as a mystical ally.

Next time I’ll be ordering something from the Mantic webshop (might take a while, though), I’ll take the historical supplement as well.

Fortunately Easyarmy has information on historicals as wel! It turns out that the french have no access to light cavalry (why not?), so the army list needs to be something different. Fortunately, heroes on pegasi can fill out that gap well and I do own a few. (one assembled, but two more still in blister)

A fist idea would be:

  • regiment of heavy cavalry (190)
  • 4 regiments of chevaliers (800)
  • Army standard, mounted (65)
  • Hero, mounted, damascus steel blade (70)
  • Hero on winged beast x2 (180)
  • Winged warriors (represented by my order of the forsaken

While this would be a nice diffent option if the original army goes stale, for now I keep with what I have. It seems I have hit a sweet spot with Brotherhood and I’ll keep it there.


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