Using the same minis for more than one army

I play humans mainly because I like the aestatic of the average bloke with some nifty tool taking on the horrors in Mantica. It also helps that I own 2 once GW empire armies. (one shown above)

One advantage of playing humans is that I can use my models for at least 2 different armies and 3 more armies with some more limitations. In this blog post I’ll show you how I do this and give a fluff reason how to.


My army hails from the island duchy of Topaz. Topaz is a melting pot of many cultures and uses the technology of dwarves and halflings to support the mainly human soldiers in the army. (There’s a full blog post on the Topaz fluff here)

Armies from the Topaz confederation can hail both from the mother-island or from one of the colonies. While the armies from the mother-island probably use the Kingdoms of Men or League of Rhordia army lists; colonies can be any human culture.

This means that -thematically- my armies can use the of Kingsdoms of Men or League of Rhordia lists. The colonies can also use the Basilean or Brotherhood army lists or (though I haven’t done this yet) even Varangur, representing a particulary barbarian colony.

For example, the infantry:

Take my halberdiers for example. This is Mercanto’s 73th infantry regiment from Topaz.

  • If I field these in my kingdoms of men army, they are a pole-arm block.
  • As League of Rhordia, they are city militia. (stats are exactly the same)

These 2 make for the best match. If I really want, I could also field them as:

  • Villein plowshares (brotherhood). I’m not really set on this match as this regiment depicts a more-0r-less professional regiment and the plowshares are really just farmers with farmer tools. That said, if I wanted to field a more professional-looking brotherhood army, these models fit the plowshares best.
  • If I play Basileans, I cannot use these models as the Basilean army doesn’t have men-at-arms with halberd. My spearmen and swordsmen can represent men-at-arms in the basilean army just fine.
  • My armies’ match with Varangur is not that good. This is because varangur represent a more barbarian viking army which can also be represented by warriors of chaos. The stretch between my professional-renaissance army and barbarian viking is just too much. If I really had to, I’d chose my other halberdier horde as thralls with great weapons, but I’d rather not. A very old (and bad quality) picture of these guys below:

Then there’s these guys:

  • In Kingdoms of men, they are my foot guard with great weapons.
  • the League of Rhordia counterpart (same stats) is household guard
  • Brotherhood sees these guys as order of the brotherhood on foot. (nearly same stats, just include valiant)
  • The basilean army counts these as paladin foot guard. (same stats, but with the basilean upgrade to nerve and iron resolve)
  • And (though the match is not as good as the four before) varangur could see these as bloodworn with great weapons.

All-in, the match is nearly perfect in 4 out of 5 cases and acceptable in the 5th.

As for the knights

  • Kingdoms of men: knights
  • League of Rhordia: household knights
  • Brotherhood: Order of the Abyssal hunt (due to great weapons. Brotherhood has more diversity in knights than the other human armies, so while all my knights can be Rhordian household knights, not all can be Brotherhood Abyssal hunters)
  • Basilea: Paladin knights
  • Varangur: if need be (match is not perfect) mounted sons.

Again, the match is nearly perfect for 4 out of 5 armies.

War machines

  • Kingdoms of men: Siege artillery.
  • Rhordia (halfling) howitser. (but in Topaz, the halflings make them, they do not operate them)
  • Brotherhood: siege artillery. (who saysme knights cannot use blackpowder? ) That’s a bretonnian prejustice.
  • Basilean: no match
  • Varangur: no match

In this case, the match is 3 out of 5; but this is because both Varangur and Basileans do not use that many war machines.

What’s the limitation of this approach?

This approach requires a strong thematic approach to army building. If you want your brotherhood to represent a force from a renaisance-eque army who have taken their vows to remove the evil from the world; keep this in mind when building unique-brotherhood regiments. Do not be tempted to use the beautiful fireforge pegasus knights as-is since they are themetically matched to GW bretonnia. You’d want a more renaisance-feel and that requires some conversion.

You’d probably need to build the unique regiments of the armies (such as the order of the forsaken above) to match your own style.

While Kingdoms of men and League of Rhordia match this style well; transfering the army to Brotherhood and Basilea requires some unique units to be painted up. (Brotherhood: order of the forsaken & maybe water elementals; Basileans = phoenix & Eliohi). That said, painting up a handful of angels beats painting a complete new army…

Currently, (spring 2019) I’m building a brotherhood army using this technique. I require a lot more knights and also some light cavalry. This is a lot less work (and storage space, not to mention financial drain) than building a complete new army. I find it also particulary pleasing to reuse the models that I painted over a decade ago. Still, it’s quite a bit of work and I’m glad I can do it this way. The time I could find time to paint an army a year is over…..

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