Cleaning out the closet / models looking for new owner

EDIT: The below models have found a new owner!

original post:

Recently I replied on the KoW forum that I have models laying around that I am willing to part with. (as so many wargamers, I own many more models than I’d ever paint) In this Blog Post, I’ll show which models need a new home.

GW Empire blue detachment

I once bought an GW empire detachment that I bought as an addition to my armies and never used. This looks somewhat decently, but is nowhere a complete army. (30 infantrymen, 2 characters, gun) Mind: the cavalry on the pictures has already been used elsewhere!

The models are partly painted to an okay standard. Some of them are still undercoated black. Closeups:

Old GW Army

have an old GW empire army laying around that I use to pilage models for my armies. The part that is painted is -ahem- not painted to high standards and there is some damage here and there. These models can be used as any of the human armies. Iposted a blog post about this once.

As I won’t be (re-)painting all these models anytime soon and I already own two human armies, I would be willing to part with these for cheap. It will need some hobying (especially multibasing) to make it battle-ready.

The army will come with enough spare parts to repair the damage (in particular the polearms took some damage) and you’ll need some 2-handed weapon arms for the knights. I’ll just grab a bag of GW empire bits and add it, so there’ll be plenty. Closeup pictures:

The basic force does need some love, so I’d be willing to part with it for cheap.

Other models

Finally could go through my collection for all those “bought them once, will paint them one time” models which I could part with.


I ‘m pretty confident I can come up with at least 1,500 points alltogether, maybe even more.

Anyhow, it would be up to you to (re)paint the army in somewhat of a coherent force and to multibase all of it. For me, I would empty by miniatures-to-paint closet by quite a few models, with which I could justify the purchase of that Mantic new Phoenix.

Of course, shipping costs from the Netherlands to wherever in the world you happen to live would be completely yours. (Edit: thanks Phelyks for pointing this out)

3 thoughts on “Cleaning out the closet / models looking for new owner

  1. “Of course, shipping costs from the Netherlands to the UK would be completely yours.”

    you automatically assume buyers WILL be from the UK… ^^


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