Undead tournament list analysis

I played a tournament fairly recently and I haven’t posted my tournament list yet. This is partially because my new job gives me less time to update this blog and partially because it’s summer and during summer my KoW time wanes in favour of other activities.

That said, I enjoyed this list and therefore I wanted to share it. Feel free to steal the list and post me your feedback.

First of all, this list was built in KoW version 3, Clash of Kings 2022 rules pack. Since the rule packs change yearly, this list may or may not be legal in next years’ Clash of Kings rules update pack. Yet, I think the gist of the list will remain viable for at least all of KoW 3rd edition.

The list itself

The army focusses on four units of Soul Reavers (two on foot and two mounted) supported by Revenant cav, Ghouls and characters. The idea is that the revenant cavalry shields the vampires from getting hit by shyte and the vampires do the killing. The ghouls act both as chaff and support.

The goal is to rush forward behind the chaff screen and be in combat by turn 2, getting the first charge if I can and follow up with soul reavers to kill.

It’s 2,300, 15 drops and 22 Unit Strength.

The army performed well. I destroyed a forces of nature combined arms list and a abyssal gunline before meeting my brother in the final and getting trounched by his ratkin list. I made a few mistakes in this battle and the dice were very much against me, so I lost bit.

This was quite a setback, though because I beat him square in our practice session the week before. But alas, that’s how the dice roll from time to time. Anyhow, here’s the list:

By troop choice:

Ghouls. Ghouls are wonderful non-shambling fast infantry in the undead list. As long as you wanna go fast (and are not held back by shambling units) these are your chaff units! Yes, they will die to a stiff breeze with low nerve and def 3+, but that’s why they are cheap! On the other hand, three troops and a horde (in particular the horde) is a lot to kill, especially when there’s also soul reavers on the field. Movement 6 plus wild charge surprises a lot of people, they tend to get the charge on elves, ratkin and other faster infantry. Supported by ghasts with the aura, they suddenly have Thunderous charge and their damage becomes respectable.

Against non-shooting armies, these are your MVP as they tend to get flanks and suddenly their damage becomes quite good!

Bad players ignore the ghoul troops in favour of other targets and good players focus the ghouls first as they tend to die on two or three wounds.

The horde of ghoul is a different matter altogether. I love a movement 6, wild charge horde with TC(1) for 180 points. Yes, it will not last due to defense 3, but that’s why they are supported by soul reavers. If I had the models (I own “only” two hordes) I would have fielded 2 hordes and 2 troops instead of the current setup.

Upgrades are wasted on them as they die earlier or later.

Soul reavers. The task of these critters is to kill the enemy. Clear as that. They are powerful, hit like a truck and kill whatever you set them up against. When you lose them, the game is probably over. That’s why I took four.

I chose two infantry and two cavalry because:

a) my supplier couldn’t get me more infantry dudes in time.

and b) I finished my cavalry just weeks before.

That said, the infantry is much better suited to this army than the cavalry. This is why:

But generally, the soul reavers brought me my victories. The single game I lost was because I placed them on a hill where they were shot at while my chaff lasted a turn longer than they should. This caused me to lose two units of these guys and with them the game.

Revenant Cavalry. The best chaff in the game. Expensive at 115 points, you get a -/14 nerve on defense 5+. I’ve had one troop being focussed by a complete abyssal gunline and survive (albeit on a low nerve roll, 4 or 5 or so, but still…). They move 8 so the fact that they shamble isn’t too much of a disadvantage and a move, turn 90 degrees -surge trick can be pulled off more often than you’d think! All, in, I’m pretty content with these three guys. Oh, and best of all, they are height (3), so you can hide both your infantry and your cavalry behind them!

ignore the goblin, please. It’s the only picture I have.

Ghasts. Ghoul heroes. They supply the ghouls with much-needed inspiration to keep them around a little longer and a TC (1) Aura. Furthermore, don’t ignore 6 melee 3+ attacks with CS(1) and TC(1), and at movement 6 + wild charge, they tend to disorder quite a few units unexpected!

Their defense is wanting at 4+, that’s why I bought one the gnome-glass shield. Defense 6+ (for one turn) is great for lasting a turn longer than they should. I have blocked cavalry charges with one of these, def 6+ and 11/13 nerve makes it a tough nut to crack for even a regiment of knights. (on average, 18 attacks, 12 hits, 6 wounds means a nerve roll of 6 twice to survive). It’s even better when the cavalry is at some kind of disadvantage, in that case survive is almost guarantueed.

Necromancer. Every undead army I play includes one of these. Inspiring talisman and bane chant gives an inspiring + surge + bane chant package at 90 points. This time I found the points to upgrade to veil of shadows as I (rightly) feared ratkin gunlines. The spell failed me more than it should, but it also helped me tremendously at the times I got it off.

Flying pharaoh. For old times sake, I included a flying pharaoh. His goal is to disorder shooters, fliers or cavalry, be mobile inspiration and surge and be a general nuisance. He did help me out a lot at times, but 5 attacks for 195 points is not a lot, so I’m on the fence whether I want to include him again in the future.

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