Hobby – Soul Reaver Cavalry

(and also a bit of tournament preparation)

It’s been a while since I reported my hobby update. Since april, I painted up quite a few models, most of them as a follow-up to a tournament I’m preparing for.

Tournament preparation

I spent the better part of last six months testing out various undead lists. They changed a lot during those times.

My first undead lists were based around legions of zombies supported by vampires on undead pegasi. These didn’t work out. The undead formation boosts zombie legions and a goreblight into even better anvils than they already were. The problem is, no one in a right mind charges a zombie legion, so the formation is essentially even more wasted points.

Also, undead fliers are basically more expensive (and worse) copies of the kingdoms of men general on winged beast, so If I wanted to go that route, I’d take my KoM army of previous tournament.

During the test phases I was pleasantly surprised (by my regular opponent M.) of the mobility of ghouls. Supported by a Ghast with the aura, they suddenly become dangerous to most light units too! Add to this the cheap cost of an upgraded Ghast with 2 troops of ghouls are 3 drops for 250 points, and these found their place into my lists. Also, a Ghast with the gnome-glass shield (also courtesy to M.) is a roadblock not many units can easily deal with!

My local meta (the dutch meta?) seems to have a high proportion of Ratkin players, all of which center their army around triple death engines (of either kind), tripple horde of shock troops with phalanx and a lot of shooting. The unassailable battery of death that is three spewers hidden behind hordes of 21/23 nerve rats forced me to think of ways to battle that.

All these made me want a fast undead army of hard-hitting units hiding behind the undead’s best chaff. The army consists of soul reavers hidden behind rev cav and supported by a lot of ghouls. This kind of army can be in combat by turn 2 and units in combat cannot be shot at, so that’s a great thing!

which forced me to paint up more soul reavers. My first idea, to paint up even more soul reaver infantry, was thwared by my supplier being unable to deliver paladin foot guard models (which is my base for soul reaver infantry) so I chose the 2nd best option, soul reaver cavalry.

Hobby section

I own ten oldhammer hex wraiths, and I do have some more models to be assembled. So, that was my first goal: paint up 4 more hex wraits:

For those who care about these things: I used elven steed models instead of the original horses, because now I still can build the alternative black knight model, which I really love too!

The newly painted horses combined with the 10 I already had, made 2 regiments:

These are great models which I will love to use!

Other models I finished between painting and basing these horses are from right to left:

  • Goblin luggit converted from a Mantic goblin with paladin foot guard hands
  • Ghast
  • 1,1 and 3 more goblin rabble. One can never have enough!

So, ready for the tournament to come, I started painting some goblins. I’m getting really close to a finished horde by now!

Pile of Shame

as usual, I keep track of my pile of shame counting the number of newly accrued miniatures compared to those actually finished! It’s something of an agreement, but it also keeps me sane!

I finished eleven new models: four soul realvers, six goblins and a ghast. My new ships also arrived, which I have not even assembled yet. I ordered:

  • Armada Dictator
  • Armada fliers (2)
  • Armada sloop squadron (4 models)

so I did accrue 7 new models.


  • start +34
  • painted + 11
  • new models -7
  • Total = +38

And the gamer’s pain:

When collecting my army for a test battle, I did drop my Armada fleet box…… The finished ships are damaged so that they will need repair before being able to reuse them. I will get to that once I finish my current projects, it’s just very painful…..

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