Monster March ’20 #2 and other hobby stuff


Thephoenix I pledged for Monster March is getting a bit more paint. The result is progressing nicely, and while I’m quite anxious about the final result, the first layers really look nice.

While progress is delayed a bit by real-life, I’m nice on track to finish in time.


As the Phoenix has to dry out a bit from time to time, I managed to finish another model that’s been on my painting table for too long: a goblin mage.

As my goblin detachment hasn’t been increased since the start of KoW 3rd edition (instead I focussed on humies again!) this model has been awaiting completion for a long time.

My goblin army only needs a trio of trolls to be completed.

That said, I’m not too confident this will happen anytime soon. There’s the phoenix, and after that I’ve another poject lined up:2020030101

Remember the pegasusrider I painted recently?.

I’ve always wanted a 2nd, so I can use them for mirror matches. The tempest model from reaper bones really looks nice, so I decided to start that one up too.

Here’s just the first base coat. She’ll have to wait, though, until the Phoenix is done.


And after that? We’ll see whenever that happens!

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