Hobby Update – Tempest

Regular readers of my blog may have noticed that the Reaper Bones Tempest model has been on my painting desk for quite some time. While I ordered the model somewhere in 2019, he joined my painting queue in March 2020.

I do love the model. It’s a great dynamic pose, but apparently, I found it quite intimidating to paint him. (I do have this occasional with larger-than-cavalry units) This meant that other projects have been finished while he languished undercoated in the back of the queue for quite a bit.

When, back in september, I started painting on a herd (flock?) of pegasi, I first wanted to finish the Tempest. There’s something rewarding from doing a difficult task first….. Here’s the result:

The model is brilliant. I do love both the horse and the rider (I chose the female paladin, but there’s three different options) and I hope my paint job does him justice. This means that this easily has become my most photographed model of 2020! (even surpassing the phoenix).

Is everything great? – no

One point of criticism to this brilliant model: the basing. The model comes on a circular translucent plastic base (see below)

first of all: as the model is metal, it’s weight is so great that it’s impossible to mount it on a 50×50 cm base without toppling it over. (50×50 is Kings of War basing, 9th age/pathfinder uses 40x40mm, which is even smaller). For the picture above, I used two sided tape to stick the model to the table, so I could phograph it.

The final model uses a metal sheet underneath the base to create enough masss to prevent it from toppling. This works quite well.

While this can be solved with a bit of hobby, I’ve encounted a greater problem with the basing.

The weight of the model is so great that the plastic rod carying the model snaps very easy.

It snapped first within seconds of me mounting the model and moving it around for painting. As I finished the model, I solved this by drilling a hole lengthways throughout the plastic rod and reinforcing it with a steel needle and a lot of superglue. (see picture ->)

This worked fine, until I went for a game and in travel it snapped again just above the reinforced part……

So I figured the plastic would not stand the stress of gaming even with the added reinforcements.

The solution: use a metal pin

I solved the matter by using a metal pin instead of the plastic rod and glueing the model with two hooves (and a tail) on the base, creating a four-point connection. This works wonders and, frankly, I like the more dynamic pose better.

So all: in, I’m really happy with the model and the result. It just took some time to get there….

Here’s a gallery of the finished product, both before and after the basing-accident.

3 thoughts on “Hobby Update – Tempest

  1. Great solution to the basing issues! I’ve had to do a few similar things with heavy metal models – definitely a challenge, but one you very much rose to meet here 🙂


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