Hobby update Quarantaine (2)

Recently I started out to post my painting and hobby endeavours during the quarantaine period. There’s also this painting competition on the KoW forums to inspire me.

That said, my hobby progress is a bit fragmented. First of all, there’s the greatsword/paladin foot guard project that I started some time ago.

Now I do have plenty of time to paint each model seperately, I do so. I mean, with a full horde already finished, what’s the added value of a 3rd regiment of these guys? So i take time to paint them, no matter the fact that the progress drags to a crawl…

The fact that I do not like GW’s business model, does not credit to the fact that i DO like their miniatures. Especially their empire range is great to paint. Here’s some more finished:

There’s also the soul reaver infantry that’s at least assembled…. Here’s the to-do list for the upcoming time. Mind that the pegasus has been postponed indefinately. Soooo sad, but it seems that I do like paiting troops much better than painting heroes/monsters….

On the left, 14 soul reaver infantry (2 troops once assembled) in various stages of trial painting. On the right, 8 more greatswords. (that combined with the five above and the single one here) makes for two troops here. I’ve even found a few old metal greatswords from the WFB 7-th edition range, I do love those!

Of course, after they all have been painted, it’s time to come up with a decent multibase idea for both. There’s some ideas, but they need working out.

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