Milestone – Kings of War 3rd edition

Kings of War has reached another milestone – 3rd edition. What started as a cheaper-model replacement for GW games that needed a rulesset (KoW 1st edition) has matured into a professional game that doesn’t need its shared ties with Warhammer anymore.

According to playtesters, the game has improved without losing any of its original elegance. Also, the switch from 2nd to 3rd is more of a natural evolution than a radical revolution.

All-in, I’m pretty content.

This blog will now use 3rd edition as its ruleset

From this moment onwards, this Blog will use 3rd edition terminology and the 3rd edition ruleset to work from. This means that some of the older posts have been (partially) invalidated, yet I choose to work on new posts instead of reworking older material.

Please do consider this when reviewing older posts.

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