3,000 points undead – an army analysis

Recently I had the opportunity to play a 3,000 point game. As our usual game size is 1,500 points, I now had the opportunity to go larger!

My first instinct was to take more and more of everything. Hordes of zombies, zombie trolls and skeletons flanked by vast amounts of ghouls; it should be possible to fill the entire table with 3,000 points.

Then I realised that this is the opportunity to take some elite units without sacrificing too many numbers. I don’t have to go horde all the way all the time.

So that’s when I came up with the following army:

the army continues below

About the choices

  • Amy of Darkness (2 hordes of skeletons plus necromancer plus upgrades) -> I needed an anvil. What anvil is better (for the points at least) than a pair of -/23 fearless units which have lifeleech AND iron resolve. The necromancer inspires, heals (heal 8 when used on the skellies) , surges and can increase their defense due to barkskin (6). The amulet of fireheart makes sure that at that critical turn, you can do two things. All-in, killing those 445 points is a lot of trouble.
  • Armies need chaff. The best chaff for undead are the ghouls. You need at least 2. This army got 3. ’nuff said.
  • The wraiths are my backline. They guard flanks/rears; disorder cavalry or shooters and (if need be) can be surged into a flank or rear. Every army needs several of these, only the cost (145 points) makes sure I don’t get more than one.
  • In the undead army, the flying Pharaoh takes the same role as the wraiths, only he is better. Since you can take only one, here’s the guy. Teams up very well with the wraiths as he inspires and *can* surge.
  • Zombie trolls are among my main damage dealers. 18 attacks @ CS2 are epic; especially if you can surge them into a flank. Otherwise they are still good enough, especially for the 175 points they cost. I only (!) own 3 hordes , so that’s what I include. Just make sure they stay out of the woods and be wary of obstacles and ensnare enemies. Their melee of 4+ can’t take a hit or their effectiveness is hindered seriously.
  • Soul reaver cavalry with caterpillar is 320 points of truck-o-pain. Of course, in a straight out firstfight a pair of hordes of zombie trolls would be better, but if you need to be first or in the woods, bring these guys. Also, they make great targets for everything your opponent throws at them, so your other units can go through unhindered.
  • Revenant king on flying undead wyrm + brew of sharpness. Everything you’d want from a vampire lord on undead dragon @ 50 points discount.

(to be continued below)

  • Necromancer with criters’ call + inspiring. (the one not part of the army of darkness) = you’ll need at least 2 inspiring + surge sources near your main line. This is your 2nd. Critters’ call is too good to pass up, so that’s what he gets. As the army of Darkness formation also grants inspiring, you can have 2 inspiring + surge necromancers, forgoing lich kings or revenant kings.
  • Barrow wights are great! Def 5+, flying CS (3) large infantry. They can deal a LOT of damage, especially as their fly special rule facilitates flanking charges. (rear charges is more dificult due to movement 7 instead of 10). I love them.
  • Apaphys is a last minute addition over a regular revenant king on great undead flying wyrm as he brings the same package as the regular guy with dread and drain life at only a small fee.
  • Finally, the horde of allied guardian archers was just a bit of gut feeling. At 3,000 points, there should be a lot of large flyers flying around. A 36″ swatter team would help out a lot. That’s what I wanted.

And the results of my first practice game will be posted somewhere in the future. Hopefully more games at this point level!

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