Hobby backlog and too many new models……

Last week I finished up a few models. Here’s the zombie regiment that’s been partially shown before. I love the submerged zombies in the swamp, a walking-dead feel!

Speaking of undead, Lucienne (Jarvis’ second, a lich queen) got a new model.

The baseline is a kingdoms of Mercia Queen of the lake, printed without the water horse and the sword. She’s painted very easily with green contrast paint over a grey basecoat (dark brown around the eyes) followed by an additional highlight.

The hands (only showing skin) were painted afterwards, finishing the model. As the model is tall (twice the height of an ordinary model, mainly due to the flying pose) my lich queen now is suitably imposing!

Likewise, 3d printing has taken a huge flight here in my gaming group. One of my mates has a very nice printer and produces high-quality prints rivalling Mantic’s resin products and he’s very liberal with sharing his goodies.

This development will force producers like Mantic to change their business model swiftly as within a few years the business of producing models will most likely be limited to plastic and 3d-printed resin models.

Painting tally

Last week’s tournament (combined with the friendly contributions from my mate’s printer) wreaked havoc on my painting tally. It’ll be a long time before I will buy new models…..

I started with +16 models and painted Lucienne above.

At the tournament, I bought a few new goblins, both since I want to expand my army and I support the tournament organiser.

In addition to the two boxes of goblins (30), I bought 2 basilean fliers for Armada and a mawpup laucher (3 models). Furthermore, I won an additional 10 gobbo’s for a grand total of 45 models…. ouch!

My mate’s 3d printer supplied me with a kingdoms of Mercia (linked above) swamp queen model – what’s not to love about a naked woman on a damp horse?

Anyhow, the model is primed, but wants paint!

Finally, since I want a regiment of luggits (and a troop is € 35 so, im not gonna buy more than one), I bought him a set of 3d models to print:

The models are great and he made me one print of each model and one each mirrorred, leaving me with an additional 8 models.

the total paintin tally is grossly negative:

  • start +16
  • painted + 1
  • bought 45 models – 45
  • given 3d prints – 9
  • total -37

Which means that I’ll have to paint at least 37 models before considering aquiring new ones….. That’s quite a task!

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