Hobby update – Quarantaine (3)

I’ve posted Fredoslow’s soul reaver infantry before, an idea which I’ve shamelessly stolen for my undead army.

Here’s my two test models for painting scheme etc. I decided that a bluegrey basecoat underneath the armour is too bright (it looks like painting chain mail silver directly over the grey plastic) so I will use a darker undertone (with gunmetal instead of chain mail silver) for my armour. The green couloured tabbards look really neat, though.

during the past few days, I managed to paint up a few more. Here’s the effect woth a darker armour:

but in this case, I’m not happy with the lighter clours of the skulls as I skipped over the bleached bone layer between grey basecoat, black ink and the white highlight. The tabards (using a lighter undertone) is also much less vibrant, so I’m back to the original colours on the tab instead.

But that’s something for next update!

Here’s them togehter with another model from that other project: a greatsword.

Current count:

Greatswords: 8 painted / 14 models (2 troops)

Soul reaver infantry: 5 painted /15 models. (2 troops +1 hero model to be combined in a multibase)

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