Showcase – zombie trolls

Recently I discovered (after a query on the KoW forum) that the pictures of my zombie trolls weren’t very good. Yesterday I had a moment to spare, so I took a few new pictures. This blog post also aims to tell where the miniature parts came from.

Anyhow, there’s 3 hordes of the Z-trolls which I built in various times over the last decade. None of them are recent, but they do see a lot of play as I used to love them in 2nd edition. How they perform in 3rd remains to be seen.

The oldest of the three hordes are my custom-built abominations. These guys started out as crypt horrors back in the Warhammer (I believe 7th edition) days. I built them using Mantic (then: the cheap alternative to GW) zombies and ghouls and a lot of green stuff.

The result – four or seg legged and six-to-eight armed monstrosities are exactly what the undead army is (IMHO) about. Insane wizards building powerful crap with no respect for the human body. If the three hordes, I still like these best.

The only disadvantage of the horde is that the models don’t have a clear “front”, so on the battlefield it’s sometimes unclear which side is the front rank. I solved this by -always- playing the single model with three bodies centre front. (except of course, on the picture above. It’s centre right)

Using rat-ogre bodies

In the first days of KoW 2nd edition I really wanted to field 2 hordes of Zombie trolls. From the depth of my bits box, I got a number large infantry bodies. (I believe there’s 3 rat ogres, and 2 orc bodies at the base of the models)

Using a lot of green stuff and whatever I had at hand , I built these. They are not the best sculpts I ever made, nor is the painting particulary good, but they serve. On the other hand, it’s great fun to scrach-build undead monsters and the result shows how much fun I had building them!

Mantic’s zombie trolls

I bought a regiment of Mantic’s zombie trolls to bring one of my Clash of Kings book orders to above the “free shipping” thresshold. These are the only non-converted models in the three hordes. The back row is two unit filler bases and one (hiden in the picture behind the Z-trolls) zombiefied ogre I painted up as unit filler for a zombie regiment in the old Warhammer days.

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