Updating an undead army from 2nd to 3rd ed

As 3rd edition has landed; it’s conversion time! Not converting units (maybe these too) but firstly converting whole armies. In this blog post I’ll convert one of my favourite undead armies to 3rd edition.


First I’ll post one of my favourite Clash’19 2nd ed. undead armies. Then I’ll update this army to 3rd edition unit-by-unit. Finally, I’ll look into how I’d like to change the army.

Original army 2nd edition clash’19

  • Horde skeletons (150)
  • Horde skeletons (150)
  • Necromancer, Surge (8), heal (3), Barkskin (1), amulet of the fire heart. (120)
  • Army of Darkness formation (30)
  • Necromancer, Surge (8), Bane chant (2), Critters’ call (8), inspiring talisman (140)
  • Horde zombie trolls, slashing (180)
  • Horde zombie trolls, crushing (180)
  • Horde zombie trolls (175)
  • Horde Barrow Wights (165)
  • Troup ghouls (65)
  • Troop Wraiths (140)
  • Troop Wraiths (140)
  • Apaphys, Champion of Death (265)

I loved the grindy nature of this list. It’s not perfectly effective due to lack of speed (the two troops of wraiths have been included later on to amend this, but the effect was not as big as I’d hoped). As 3rd edition is a lot more grind-friendly, I have good hopes that this will work!

Transfer to 3rd edition

(once again: I blacked out individual point costs)

I had to skip a few items (Amulet of the fireheart, legendary spells, and the formation) and I had to switch out the 2nd necromancer for a revenant king + surge (as I wanted the inspire + surge option). Also as Aphaphys is now Empire-of-dust only, he was switched out for a legendary Revenant-King-on-undead-flying-great-wyrm. All-in the above list reflects the idea of the original list the best.

All-in, the army totals at 1,865 points at this moment, so there’s some room for improvements. That’s a good thing, the lack of items, formation and aphaphys also leaves something to be desired in the list.

Transforming the list to 3rd edition

The above list is something I’m willing to try. First all, I axed the ghouls and wraits for 3 troops of revenant cavalry. I’d rather have 3 troops of -/14 roadblocks than the 2 troops of wraiths and the ghouls.

The two hordes of skeletons remain as my main anvil. ‘love these guys.

Then, then RKoUGFW (Revenant King on Undead Great Flying Wyrm – man, this guy needs a nickname….) was sacrificed for the more conveniently-based vampire on undead pegasus.

Furthermore the 3 hordes of Z-trolls and the wights stay as the core damage dealers of the army. I’d like to switch out the Z-trolls (at least partially) for soul reaver infantry, but as I don’t have the miniatures, I won’t do that now.

the leftover points leave me with an old favourite of mine – the flying undead pharaoh. I’m not sure if he’s as useful as he was in the past, but I wanted something to disrupt enemy shooting and/or fliers which the army may have dificulties to cope with.

All these shambling guys need some serious surge. That’s why ll four characters in the list have both inspiring + surge, so there’s some serious surging options. All four have an alternative role – be it bane chant (necro), disruption (rev. king/pharaoh) or combat (vampire)

The army has 13 elements and a unit strenght of 22. This is comparable to the original army which usually outnumbered its opponent.

Have any advice?

Any advice? contact me below or reply on the kow forum!

Mhorgoth approves!

3 thoughts on “Updating an undead army from 2nd to 3rd ed

  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this. I’m still awaiting my 3rd ed book (my flgs is having issues getting stock) so can’t comment on 3rd as yet.
    What KOW forum do you use as Mantic took theirs down a while back?


    1. Hi mate, thanks for the reply.

      Waiting for your book stinks, that’s why I’m ordering directly from Mantic. From the Uk to the Netherlands in 3 days.

      Anyhows, the Kings of War forum is one source: https://www.kowforum.com/
      It’s more active than the dakkadaaka one, so I prefer that one.

      Is there something in particular you want to know?


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the link, I do enjoy forums as a medium so I’ll be using that going forward.
        I’ll also be using Mantic direct going forward. My FLGS is normally really good but I think they’ve just had real issues with stock from Mantic for the new release. It might just reflect how popular it’s been.


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