Improving the Kingdoms of Men Army – here is the cavalry

When I started reviewing the Kingdoms of Men army list, this was mainly because of my frustration with shooters and war machines.  After this, I posted some ideas for characters and infantry. Not to leave a process near the the end, this post describes the final part of the Kingdoms of Men army, cavalry and monsters.


Cavalry and monsters

Here’s the list of stuff this blogpost covers:

  • Knights
  • Mounted sergeants
  • Mounted scouts
  • Chariots
  • (colossal) Giant
  • Beast of War


Our knights are 195 points, hit like a truck when they have their TC, but are more or less worthless without.

And that’s exactly the problem Kingdoms of Men have with their knights. While they are not necesarily bad, they are one of the few hammer units in the KoM army, and they need their thunderous charge to be effective. A savy opponent will do anything to disorder them, and most of the time they will be effective. Unlike Brotherhood armies, you’ll probably have only a few units with TC, so your opponent doesn’t have to be picky to choose which knight unit to disorder with their critters’ call.

What to change to make them worth more? Maybe give them the +1CS/-1 defense option that human infantry have? Other than that, maybe skip the headstrong (if they are wavered, they probably don’t have TC anyhow) for a reduction on points.

Mounted sergeants

Yes, my Brotherhood army doubles as Kingdoms of men. Great efficiency.

105 for a troop, 160 for a regiment, the mounted sergeant is a movement 9 nimble cavalry unit with TC1. All in, their role serves the KoM army much better than the knights at a better point cost.

Though their damage potential is quite a bit less than knights, the fact that they are faster and nimble make up for more than this. And even with Brew of Strenght, they are cheaper than knights!

Mounted sergeants don’t need a change. They are great as they are.

Mounted scouts

Movement 9 and nimble shooters, in theory this is a great unit. It’s a poor man’s siverbreeze, which is a very popular elven unit. There’s even the option of upgrading them to piercing, either at a point increase or range decrease.

I’d really love to like them. The battles that I tried them, they failed miserably to do anything. 7 shots @5+ still will only amount for a hit or two and 7 attacks at melee 5+ doesn’t pose a threat to flanks. All-in, they are only glorified chaff, and there’s much better chaff in the KoM army. Even the mounted sergeants at 5 points more are a (IMHO) better choice due to melee 4+ and TC(1).

That said, some people use Silverbreeze to great effect, which do suffer from the same limited amount of attacks @ ranged 4+/elite. I’d guess it’s because the elf army itself fits fast cavalry better than the KoM army?

That said, if either their attacks increased to 8 or 9 and/or they would gain TC 1, I’d love to try them as harrassing cavalry. As of now, that role is much better suited to chariots.


The charioteers received a buff, since no one was using them. As of Clash ’19, they are a more competetive choice. 115 points for an 8 attack regiment with TC(2) and ranged option doesn’t stink, only the ranged option suffers from the drawbacks that all human shooters suffer from. Either move (which you want due to TC(2) or fire at a unit in cover and your shooting is almost ineffectual.

If you are to take the horde, you might want to pick a unit of knights and/or mounted sergeants instead. As for adjustment, make KoM shooting somewhat effective and see them fit the role they were intended to.

(Colossal) giant

Kingsdoms of Men gained a giant, which is a huge (pun intended) benefit to the army. The army needed a serious hammer, and the giant is one that provides a lot of attacks on a 50*50 base@CS 3.

There’s even the option of upgrading him to colossal @ 45 points. There’s something to be said for the 4 extra attacks and vicious against infantry, I just don’t like the 75*75 base.

As this is a recent addition, there’s no need to change this.

Beast of War

Yes, it’s a steam tank. He also doubles as Beast of War.

The beast of War used to be terrible @ melee 4+. Now he’s got Strider, there’s a massive improvement. Steady aim helps the balista option as well.

Still, it’s a lot of point for 12 attacks@4+. It’s a hammer of kinds and the Beast of War contests with the giant for the monster spot. As for now, I’m not sure which one is better. The 12 attacks for the Beast is a huge plus, the 50*50 base favours the giant. As for now, I’m inclined to use the giant over the Beast, but it’s a close call.††††


The Kingdoms of Men lack a heavy hammer like the Honour guard (League of Rhordia), Drakons (Elves) or despoilers (abyssals). The army would improve a lot if there was a large cavalry unit, for instance war elephants.

Just give them stats comparable to honour guard, ditch the iron resolve for 170/260 points. The result would be:

War Elephants (large cavalry)

2 thoughts on “Improving the Kingdoms of Men Army – here is the cavalry

  1. Actually, the idea of the elephants is great, I would have never thought of it!
    Old GW-Fantasy players can easily use their griphon riders, and new players could get Elephant models and there wouldnt be a problem with IP-disputes!


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