How to build your own halfling sorcerer

I do love League of Rhordia. It’s like Kingdoms of Men, but with an effective hammer (Honour guard), better flier, (duke beats KoM general) and great war machines (volley gun). Moreover League has a nifty tool that many players forget in the shape of the halfling sorcerer.

@ 50 points he’s a nuisance that few players can spend any resources to get rid off, but wind blast is *very* effective when used well. If your inspiring source has never been blown away, you don’t know the frustration of these dudes. As CoK19 again has quite a few scenario’s that requires to be in a particular area to score, it’s nasty to be pushed *just* out of range.

Especially mounted, he’s got great mobility (wind blast doesn’t care for cover) and also serves as chaff if needed. Finally you can use him as a caddy for the legendary spells you really want. What’s not to love?

Just one thing. I hate the pudgy halfling look that many companies create. This one:

But not to be bothered, why not build a halfling myself? As nearly all of my army is GW; a regular 28mm mini will defininately be a lot smaller than the rest of my guys. Here’s a comparison between a GW knight and my halfling dude:

as you see, the halfling is clearly a halfling. Sometimes scale creep isn;t that bad, is it?

Now, how to build it?

For your convenience: a list of all components.

Head: Perry twins pikemen .These are great minis anyhow (and great value too!), but their size is a bit on the small side to combine with GW. I built them anyhow as I really wanted a regiment of pikemen, and this box of 40 yields at least 20 pikemen. I really like the head as it depicts the helmet chosen more for practical use than for protection or style; perfectly clashing with the military style coat.

Torso: Perry twins dragoon I ordered a pair of these as a discount mini when I ordered my pikemen. Never used them, but always wanted to paint one. The other’s torso now serves as my halfling. The dress coat serves perfectly for a halfling with ambitions. 🙂

For the horse I took just random historical horse, as I had this laying around. Of course, the dragoon’s horse will serve as well. Still have that somewhere.

Feet: Goblin wolf riders from GW. Usually I don’t advocate using or buying any GW stuff, but as I had these in my bit box and they fit so well, I just used them. When painted normal skin tone, they perfectly depict the enlarged and bare feet that halflings are famous for.

Staff: GW wood elf glade guard banner. (not wood elf mage as the picture above shows) . Again, not advocating buying anything GW related, this just happened to be in my bit box.


This model -which I rather like- shows how to get a model the looks that I want instead of taking what’s available. Just work with what you have in your bit box instead of buying a model I don’t really like.


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