Hobby update and Brotherhood progress

A few months ago, I got the brainwave to update my brotherhood army to Kings of War. You can find everything about it here. One of the things that needed doing, was the rebasing of my Forsaken beast. He's the guy on the left. It's just a varghulf model that I once bought as part … Continue reading Hobby update and Brotherhood progress


Hobby update – multibase those knights!

This post is partially a cut-paste from the hobby section hidden at the end of another post.  As I'm proud on the progress, it gets a post of its own! Hobby Progress As Monster March is finally finished - see the dragon here- , I restarted multibasing knights. I had some fun playing with them … Continue reading Hobby update – multibase those knights!

Monster March # 5 – finished!

On the very last day of March, my #MonsterMarch entry was finished. For those who don't know what I've been up to last month, there's several updates here, here, here and here. Here's the overview and swordmaster's startpage too. Pictures above and below. And what a ride it was.... as predicted, there wasn't much hobby … Continue reading Monster March # 5 – finished!