Armada – converting an Elohi into a Gur

This blog post is a sister post to this one, where I discuss why I like the Abbess over the Elohi battleship. In this post I’ll show how I did convert my 4th Elohi ship into a 3rd Gur Panther.

Both ships are already quite similar, as both are medium sized and have the same sail setup. Here’s two pictures of a Gur and an Elohi ship I painted earlier:

As you can see, the difference is mainly the bow. The Gur has a bow sprit and a figurehead, while the Elohi has a very distintive angel on the front. Other than that, only the aftercastle is slightly different.

To create a believable Gur from the Elohi ship, i need to reshape the bow, get rid of the angel figure and add a bow sprit and figurehead.

Here’s the ship from the packet. As you can see, the angel is warped (fortunately, we won’t need that one) and one of the sails was broken.

Other than this, I only needed a figurehead and found one in a GW knight helmet.

To start out, I needed to cut all the angel parts, both from the bow and the ship itself. With a sharp hobby knife, this was not as hard as I thought it would be!

After I lost all the angel parts, I started building a bow sprit. A bit of green stuff and a wooden skewer did the trick! Also attached here is the figurehead, cut from the GW knight head.

I decided against changing the inverted bow as it’s hard to replace that one with a clean green stuff replacement, so I went with this.

And fully painted, the converted ship looks like this:

I must say, I’m pretty content as this is a rather convincing Gur!

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