December painting

The the winter hollidays over, it’s time to see where the last two months of 2022 brought me in terms of painting. I painted up a few additional goblins, still it’s a long way to go before the army is finally finished!

That said, I did finish quite a few models here and there.

First of all, I managed not only to finish my cavalry, but base them as well! The models are dated and quite small, look how little space seven models take above! I love the bright colours, which are in line with the rest of the army featuring bright reds, greens with a blue skin tone!

Two other projects that I’m continueing are mawpups (and their handler), a flaggit and a couple of luggits. The luggits as shown here are converted rabble, using all kind of plastic from my bits box. (From left to right: rabble spear/bow cut down to size, GW 2-handed cavalry hammer (twice), 3d printed greataxe, dual-wielded rabble swords). For the luggits I’ll be combining a few original models, 3d prints and these converted rabble.

I’m using these instead of more 3d prints because I’m aiming for 90% mantic if I’m going to take this army to Clash of Kings 2023!

The mawpup pack has also been based. I opted for 10 mawpups from the rabble sprue alongside with a converted rabble as their handler. I love the final effect!

Another small project I finished is “the pink goblin”. During the winter holidays, I spent an afternoon painting with my two girls. Their projects turned out to be -predictably- pink, soI had to show them how to make pink paint look good. As I had goblins built, this guy was sacrificed for this project. 😉

He may very well join a regiment as their mascot one day!

I traded another copy of “the red book” with my brother for his spare wingit. I love the model and enjoyed painting it!

My tally

A reoccuring part of this blog is the where I keep track of my minis waiting for paint, counting my number of newly accrued miniatures compared to those actually finished!

I painted 25 new models:

  • 5 luggits
  • 7 cavalry
  • 6 mawpups
  • 4 other goblins
  • 3 (a wingit and 2 crew)

I got some new models, though. I rewarded myself for doing a few chores by buying a goblin king on mount plus another mawpup launcher (3 models). Also, I a friend printed a few new models for me. (three blasters, I count them as 3 each) plus a flying-king-to-be. This equals 14 new models.


  • start +7
  • painted + 25
  • new models -14
  • Total = 18


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