Hobby update – Armada and Warcry

It’s been a while since I posted a Hobby update. Due to our Covid-lockdown, I’ve had ample time to paint something, so I did.

First I finished my Armada fleet:

The fleet has finally been based and the ships are ready to sail! The only part missing were the bases, and these have been done too.

Closeups elsewhere on my blog, just search either the hobby or armada keyword. I.e. the Abbess found here:

Furthermore, I still had that war cry warband on my painting table. Recently, I did a War cry review and while I did like the game, I didn’t like my Stormcast warband, so I painted up a new one.

Here’s a 1,000 point Legions of Nagash Warband:

  • Necromancer
  • 2 skeletons with spears
  • 3 skeletons with swords
  • 2 grave guard with great weapons (red)
  • 3 senechals (purple)

No idea if it’s anything good, but we’ll see.

Next project?

I wouldn’t be a wargamer if I didn’t have a “next project” lined up. There’s of course Jarvis still in need of paint, but it’s too cold here to spraypaint any new models, so until the temperature rises somewhat, new painting projects will have to wait.

Anyhow, my campaign army may (or may not) need a set of new soul reaver infantry (if these are not enough) and I still want to build a goreblight.

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