Warcry review

A few months ago, I tried Warcry. Here’s my post where I listed out my preparations: Back then I promised a review of the game. So, after a few months of silence, here’s it:

First of all, observations

I played the game three times, all with my Golden Guards* warband facing off against an ogre warband. Games lasted about three quarters of an hour, slightly more for the first one.

The game is -especially for GW games- remarkably simple. Within one game, I understood the rules enough to play and with my preparations, I knew enough about my warband to actually use it to some effect.

Kings of War Palace Guard multibase waiting for models.

I spent no money to play the game. Of course my Golden Guards are converted GW models, but they are 2nd hand models that were built as my 2nd horde of Kings of War Palace Guard. For now, their multibase remains bare, until I need a 2nd horde of the guys, at which time they will be transferred.

I understand my opponent bought the cards from an official GW source, but the terrain and models all come from somewhere else.


War cry is a nice little game. It’s easy to play which makes for a great introduction game to Wargaming and a great casual game if you don’t have time/interest in a full ranks’n’flanks game.

The random deployment/victory conditions make for a dynamic game and requires flexible tactics. In fact this random deployment thing is a great addition to any skirmish game!

Or course, this CAN create imbalanced scenarios, but since the game is so quick, this does not matter that much. Just lose the game and run another one!

I understand there’s something of a campaign possible, but I didn’t try that one. That said, I do love the idea of a good campaign ever since Mordheim, so this is great plus too.

Is everything great? No, there’s some disadvantages too.

First of all, is the GW pricing model. The War Cry starter set is € 117, and this does not include any warbands. For playing together, you’ll need two € 40 warbands, so the total cost of entry is almost € 200. This is a steep entry for a miniature game. (of course, it’s possible to play the game without investing this much, but this requires miniatures from another source and an opponent who isn’t insisting official miniatures)

Furthermore, I’ve read online that balance between the warbands is quite off. Some warbands are quite a bit stronger than others, especially the newer warbands outshine the original ones.

I haven’t played enough to have valueable to add, bit if its’true, thats a sad thing. Sadly, GW has a track record of power creep to boost sales.

The verdict?

Warcry is a nice little game. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon. That said, it’s not a game I’d play in a competetive environment. I’d rather play a game which is not part of the sales-power creep if I cannot rely on the gaming group to provide a fun game environment instead of a cut-throat one.

The Stormcasts warband sucks balls, however. They might be powerful, but I do not like the idea of a wall of defense 7 shields outlasting the opposition. Turtling is not my game style, so the Golden Guards (as painted) will have to go. (fortunately, there’s another role for them in the collection)

I might paint another Guard or two (the flying ones seem nice), for another playstyle, but first I am going to paint a legions of nagash warband. -here another name will be forthcoming when they are finished-

Here’s the warband halfway through. A necromancer plus five skeletons. (basing not included). As you can see, they are not GW models at all (raging heroes Necromancer converted, Mantic skeletons), and fortunately that’s not a requirement. When they are finished, I will be sheduling a new game.

Until that time – happy gaming!

*Golden Guards are completely not Stormcasts due to GW’s stupid IP policy. See here for more info.

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