Kings of War 3rd edition Undead review (3)

Yesterday and the day before I posted the first and second parts of of my Undead 3rd edition review. Today concludes the final part of this review. Today it’s just the heroes, but please bear in mind undead has plenty of them!


Lycanis is almost the same as in 2nd. He’s got the same statistics but got slightly more expensive. A fast large infantry hero of 5 attacks and nimble is decent enough, albeit in my undead armies there’s always someone else who fits the bill better.

The fact that his inspiring is situational makes it no better. Unless I’m planning a werewolf-heavy battlegroup, Lycanis will probably remain out of my armies.

Ghoul Ghast

A new infantry hero of the undead line – a heroic canibal. Ghastly!

Enough puns, this guy has a lot of hitting power for an individual of less than 100 points. He self-inspires (and other ghouls) thereby making him a prime canidate to run off on his own. That said, his speed of 6 (even though he’s got wild charge) is not that speedy, compared to other heroes that can ride a mount.

The Ghast is a combat hero situatuated between the wight king and the vampire in terms of power. Time will tell which of these three guys will be most used.

Vampire on undead pegasus

The vampire on undead pegasus has never been part of my armies, as in the 2nd edition the wight king on undead flying wyrm was so much better.

Come 3rd, these two have distinctive different roles, so I will have use for the vampire on undead peg. My undead drakon riders (previously wight kings on flying wyrm) switch over to this profile.

7 attacks @3+ and CS2 is really decent. The vampire inspires too. Therefore this guy is a decent “poor man’s dragon” and more than you probably ever will need leading your undead armies. As impressive as the lord on dragon is, I’d rather save the points and get this guy instead.

To conclude, I do prefer the 50*50 base over the titan’s. The only disadvantage of this hero is that he is not a vampire lord….. unlike the next two entries. why?

Vampire lord

The Vampire lord (or lady) is the strongest melee individual we have and possibly the strongest one in the game. 7 attacks, melee 3+ and CS2 with mightly, she can take on most regiments by herself. She tops this with duellist, so she’s an expert in removing other characters as well.

That said, the price tag is high. Naked, she’s more expensive than a horde of skeletons and her mount and spell selections also go for premium prices. It’s easy to go over 200 points for this lady and that’s a lot.

I could imagine using her on a mount and with the lightning bolt upgrade, but it would be instead of other expensive characters like the vampire on pegasus or undead pharaoh above.

Vampire lord on undead dragon

Yay, I got my terrorgheist fitted on a 75×75 base! There was no more room for a rider (will amend later) so I created a spot for an infantry model on the rear of the base.

Over 300 points without upgrades is this beast. It’s got all special rules you might want and the nerve to impress even some horde-level models.

Would I use it? I’m not sure. I’m always very reserved on spending this many points on a single model. The alternative (point wise) would be a horde revenant cavalry with potion of the caterpillar or the combination of a vampire on undead pegasus plus a mounted revenant king. Maybe in very large battles….. Maybe.

Revenant King

The revenant king’s statistics yell “take me, take me”. He’s got toned down in points and attack value compared to KoW2 but he still brings the invaluable combination of surge and inspiring to the table. And he’s not even 100 points!

If you mount him (though rather expensive) you have your support caster and army standard combined with a somewhat effective harrasser all for a single hero slot for almost 120 points.

He competes directly with the necromancer + inspiring talisman as he brings the same inspisurge to the table. The revenant king is slightly more expensive (and needs to take an artifact to be able to take bane chant) but far more resillient than the necro-guy. I know I’d take both in most cases.

Revenant King on undead flying great flying wyrm

It’s good to be the king

The 50×50 version of this guy was my to-go flyer for KoW2. When upgraded to a 75×75, I stopped favouring him over other characters because of -I don’t know.

Now he’s just the 75×75. Impressive stats and nerve; he’s expensive but not as expensive as the dragon. Actually, the guy feeld a bit like the poor man’s dragon and I think I’d go budget over power any day of the week. Only that melee score of 4+ makes him so unreliable, but I’d take my chances.

Revenant on great undead burrowing wyrm

This guy is the previous guy’s poor brother.

He’s not a revenant king anymore. He also looses flying. Then he looses nerve. Finally he looses nimble. all for the gain of brutal and 30 points reduction.

I wouldn’t know why. Next.

The Lich King

“You speak of justice? Of cowardice? I will show you the justice of the grave… and the true meaning of fear.”

Fortunately, my lich king is a queen. Not dark, but beautiful and terrible as the dawn… oh wait. wrong quote.

Anyhows, the lich queen is a flying, mobile sorcery platform that can host almost all spells in the game, even the legendary blizard. You get what you pay for, of course, so her rather high point costs directly compete with the other expensive characters in the list.

All-in, I’d rather choose her cheaper counterparts, but I can see a lot of people spending the points on the additional power and mobility she brings. She does bring the combination surge-inspiring and though she’s expensive, I can imagine quite a few scenarios her mobility saves you from buying another character. She’s rather tough too with defense 5+, a high nerve and regeneration.


The Necromancer got cheap! Only a handful points and comes with surge (6) or heal (3) for free. slap on the inspiring talisman and bane chant and you’ve got the first character in nearly all lists for under 100 points.

There’s literally no reason I can imagine not to take him. As an undead player, you want the option to surge. (unless you plan a vampire-werewolf-ghoul army with no shambling) He brings this cheaply.

Of course, people will take him out. Good luck, you spent a bunch of attacks killing of a really cheap guy.

On the odd chance you run a very fast army, you might want to mount him on something undead and fast. The option is there, but the mount is half the cost of the guy, so you might want to reconsider…

Finally, there’s the aura that boosts all zombies! Not that your regular zombies benefit much from vicious (unless they are legion), but goreblight and zombie trolls might! It’s also not that expensive, so if any of these make your army, consider upgrading your necro.

Cursed Pharaoh

Yes, he’s back and he’s again defense (6). If the vampire lord is the killing machine of the army, the pharaoh is the resillient pillar of most of the army. Good luck killing off this guy as the combination of lifeleech, inspiring and regeneration keeps him around for quite longer. Just don’t throw him in front of a horde of charging cavalry.

and yes, the pharaoh + wings is a thing again. Of course, he’s def 5+ in that case, but why not? He still regenerates….

Undead army standard

Ever felt useless? This is nothing compared to an army standard in the undead army! Nearly all heroes also inspire, but moreover the undead army also wants surge.

Of course, there’s an item for that too, so if you’re strapped for points the army standard + surge item may be an alternative to the revenant king or necromancer + inspiring talisman, but that’s literally the only time I’d consider taking one.

Unique units: Mhorgoth the faceless

A recent counter charge edition named Mhorgoth as one of the most broken tools in KoW3. Though he’s powerful, he still remains only a very mobile and nearly unkillable inspring+surge caster with some added options.

I’d love to try him out in few games before calling him overpowered. Most of the times, I’d rather have a vampire on undead pegasus over this guy.

Lady Ilona

The beast of KoW2 Clash’19, she appeared in many an undead army due to the coven’s formation. In KoW3, she’s still very powerful

I just don’t known if I want to spend almost 300 points on an infantry model with a unit strength of 0. I might try her out, but I think the “common” vampire lord on a steed is 80 points cheaper and does more or less the same.


Jarvis still turns your undead to good aligned. Though alying them with elohi is no more (due to elohi being irregular) it’s still a funky idea to have your hordes of zombies and other horrors fight alongside brotherhood or (the horror) elves.

That said, it’s a thematic thing for themed scenarios. A spellcaster with some nifty rules costing double compared to a regular necromancer with inspiring is usually not that efficient. Though I have to try it (and I will, in thematic battles) this does not seem efficient.

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