Kings of War 3rd edition Undead review (2)

Yesterday I posted the first part of my Undead 3rd edition review. Today part (2) of this review. I’ll continue where I stopped there, reviewing cavalry, large infantry and the undead sole war machine and monster today.

I’ll need another post at another date to review the characters. Keep posted!

Cavalry – soul reaver cav

Sadly, our beloved soul reaver cavalry lost their defense of 6+…… It’s now down to the 5+ other cavalry have as well. On the plus side, they got quite a bit cheaper without losing any of their offensive power.

So, all-in, I’m not too disappointed, as the 2nd edition 300 points was really too much to include them most of the time. And when I included them, they became prime targets of everything that could hit them with CS and piercing. They will still be, but their demise will cost significantly less.

Cavalry – Revenant cavalry

The revenant cavalry remains exactly the same (and marginally cheaper) as in KoW2. They weren’t used too much then, I hope the game changes enough for them to have a place. That said, the combination of high mobility; high defense and high nerve at a decent price might actually work.

One major change compared to KoW2 is the option to field them in hordes! 32 whopping attacks (which you will never have TC for, just keep someone with bane chant close by) which have a major threat zone due to new charge measuring distances create a great zone of “nope” for enemy valueable units. The point costs is hefty, but they might actually find a hole in my armies when I have painted up enough of them….

My bucket list goal for KoW3 will be to surge them into a rear of a unit for 96 attacks! (the absolute record of 120 attacks I attained in my 2nd game of KoW back in 2015)

Large Infantry-werelwolves.

I didn’t like werewolves in KoW2, but I found myself in the minority.

In KoW3 this won’t change anything at all. Regiments got slightly cheaper, horde slightly more expensive. For the rest- they remain what they were. I’m sure people will get good use out of them.

Large Infantry – zombie trolls

I used to love zombie trolls. 18 attacks @ CS (2) at the very cheap, my 3 hordes were at the heart of my battle line in most of my armies in 2nd edition. Come 3rd, I fear they have been surpassed by other units which fill their slot better.

A regiment of Z-trolls is exactly the same amount of points as a troop of mummies but in all aspects worse (defense, regeneration, 1 attack, base size) except for a single point of speed. as the undead army will not have problems unlocking troops, the mummies will be chosen over regiments of zombie trolls any day of the week.

The horde of zombie trolls got quite a bit more expensive and I fail to find a decent spot for them. For damage dealing purposes, the soul reaver troop is much better. If I wanted mobility, I’d chose revenant cavalry (TC2 instead of CS2) over the zombie trolls. All-in, 18 attacks @melee 4+ is okay (but not great) and the current price tag is too high.

Only if a necromancer with the aura giving them vicious is around, I might find use for them.

Large infantry – Wights

My wights are old varheist models (plus a heavily converted oldhammer minotaur with wings) so the fact that they fly matches them. Their melee score increased to 3+, combined with CS(2) and brutal makes them everything the zombie trolls are not – a heavy hitting hammer which can delete units and can be surged into flanks for even more pain.

Sure, the price tag is nasty, but these guys may actually be well worth it.

War engine -balefire catapult

I have never used a balefire catapult in the history of kings of war. This one is a relic of oldhammer times, it;s not even on the correct base.

In KoW3 this might actually change. It’s got two attacks now and usually hits on 5+; thereby creating somehwat of a reliable damage source @ slightly less than 100 points.

I might even want to paint a second one!

Monster – Goreblight

My hands itch to scratch-build a pair of goreblights. The Mantic model is great, albeit a bit tiny, but the conversion opportunities are enormous! Until that time, my bone golem will have to serve.

On the game side: Finally, undead have their own monster. And it’s a great tool too!

At a very reasonable cost, it’s got CS(2), enough attacks and def 5+ plus a good nerve. To top it, it’s got cloak of death, so this beasty wants to get stuck in, as close to the enemy units as possible!

To be continued!

~Keep posted. Characters next time!

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