Gloomhaven Cragheart – hobby update and analysis

We started Gloomhaven recently. (for those who don’t know, Gloomhaven doesn’t have anything to do with Kings of War, its a cooperative board game with legacy features)

I like it a lot. So much that I spent some time painting the character I play, a Savvas Cragheart. see here ->

The Gloomhaven models aren’t the best I’ve ever painted, but are decently enough to enjoy doing so. They are pleasantly unique, though.

The best thing, they are roughly 28mm, so they can fill a role in Kings of War and/orVanguard if I want to. The Cragheart above would be a decent earth priest or earth-themed druid.

What’s to love about the Cragheart?

Playing the Cragheart is a bit comparable to sailing a battleship. He’s neither mobile or subtle, has strong shooting attacks and can take a beating. Comparable to the other six starting classes, his good points are:

  • Good damage, especially at range. The cragheart has decent ranged abilities which he can buff well with backup amunition and the bottom ability of heaving swing. Many of his abilities are multi-target, so the average damage of the Cragheart is often surpassed only by the scoundrel.
  • Large hand size of 11 cards. A hand size of 11 cards is large (only the tinkerer has more) but unlike the tinkerer you’re not as dependant on your loss cards. This means that -on average- the cragheart will last longer and will often be the last exhausted.
  • a dependancy on earth mana offset by the ability to generate it often. While the Cragheart loves Earth mana for many abilities, he can generate it often enough.
  • A high hit point pool. He *could* in theory be the off-tank, but why should you? That’s what the brute is for, not?
  • Decent XP gathering, especially if you use your loss cards wisely. Preferably in the last room.

His not-as-good points are:

  • The lack of mobility requires good planing in movement, otherwise he will seriously lag behind the party AND yield most of the treasure to the scoundrell and brute.
  • the Cragheart’s initiative is low. You might as well assume you’re last in any turn.
  • Other classes have fancy crowd control or self-defense tricks. You rely on your damage and high health pool to survive. That and your party members should take, the beating right?
  • Oh, the Cragheart has a tendency to damage his allies on the process of turning enemies to mincemeal. This is unavoidable, just make sure they understand. There’s gotta be a price to team up with someone as fantastic as the crafheart.

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