Kings of War 3rd edition hype

picture courtesy of mantic games

Kings of War 3rd edition is looming on the Horizon. Just any moment KoW 3rd edition can drop and spoilers are all over the internet. In this blog post I’ll look at what rumours spark my interest and which do disappoint me a bit.

Please bear in mind that I am looking into the future based on a set of leaked spoilers which do not show the complete picture. Probably, in a few weeks time, half of the things below will be resolved immediately. We’ll see.

Hyped for:

  • Undead get a new monster! This monster which is bascially the result of necromancer DIY Craft project can only be awesome. Great for conversions and hobby projects. (Which is good, since I think the official model is a bit on the small side. I can do better…. or at least, larger!) The fact that its stats dont suck either is a boon too. Finally, it’s a zombie, so it gets to enjoy the necromancer zombie-aura. Zombies get useful too!
  • Rules updates: The main rules change only a little to make the game more fluid. No large sweeping changes; only a few make-life-easier upgrades.
  • Infantry get a buff. The Rules Committee has mentioned to have buffed infantry all over the board, which is good. Infantry were a bit bad-off in 2nd edition Kings of War, so this is really a good thing. Especially since I love infantry armies!
  • Both undead and Empire of Dust are in the first batch! Since my army does both, I get to play immediately at launch!
  • Nerf to shooting. No more elven chariot/archer gunlines!
  • the new book looks very professional. KoW is no longer a niche game for Warhammer orphans but a serious game and hobby in itself!

Not that thrilled to hear

Of course, there’s always some stuff that I’m not that thrilled about. Maybe it will work out fine, but as it’s now, I’m a bit wary about:

  • Master list/themes. In KoW historical, the master list/themes doesn’t work out that well. From a gamer’s perspective there is almost never a reason to choose a theme over the master list as the themes are pretty limited in their army selection and the few upgrades are just expensive versions of regular units. There are some exceptions of course (mongols, french) but most themes are better off using the master list instead of the themed list. Choice > Focus here.
  • Kingdoms of Men, League of Rhordia and Brotherhood all being in the 2nd book, possibly as themes from one and the same list. I do hope these armies get to be interresting, as they have a risk to be the base which all other armies are built from and therefore very bland. In 2nd edition I had at least 3 army lists to choose from which had differnt playstyles, even though they weren’t as effective as I’d like to see.
  • Nerf to shooting. (In contrast to the nerf to shooting above) 5+ shooting was never in a good place to start with (especially with Reload!) and I fear that yet another nerf will force these these models to be shelved yet again for an entire edition.
  • Focus on titans. While I do love the look of an army with a center piece, the focus on titans as a seperate unit entry makes me wary of the “return to the hero-hammer”. I fear all armies will need a titan or two to be competative, which is IMHO bad for the game.


Generally, i’m hyped and can’t wait for 3rd to drop!

Time will tell if the concerns voiced above have any truth to them. We’ll see.

One thought on “Kings of War 3rd edition hype

  1. i feel you about the Titans Vince. I brought it up on dakkadakka however, and one guy eased my worries a bit. If people wanna buy it, they should offer it, and that does not mean mantic will make them super-strong!

    The thing with the “Master” I do not understand because I do not have that rulebook.

    With KoM and Rhodia… I guess we will just have to see! But I am surprised that the “Baseline” KoM will be in the second book! (But I do not whine about it like others are doing, I understand their decision)


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