MonsterMarch #4, nearly done

As posted on here before, hobby time was at a premium last weeks. Still, I managed to keep part of an evening for painting, so I could continue with Monster March’s dragon. It’s nearly finished, as you can see above!

Finally, the wings are completely done, I’m really happy about how highlights give the wings the warm, vibrant colour I wanted them to have. The body is nearly the same as last update, I just highlighted a few details to finish the darn thing.

The ‘cursed’ rider was almost finished too. (Darn, bad lighting for the pic…. will do a better one later) without too many interuptions…. I guess the baby read this blog and was a bit ashamed her dad couldn’t finish a measly vampire due to her many interuptions. 🙂

And yes, do ignore the unpainted horse. It’s just a placeholder until the rider can take its deserved place on top of the dragon.

So, if the stars align well and disease doesn’t strike again, I might finish the dragon the upcoming weekend. I just need a few finishing touches on the rider and the base needs finishing. Sounds reasonable, right?

As I read Swordmaster’s got some real-life interferrence as well, I’m hoping that he’s gonna be a bit lenient in the 31st-of-march deadline for the final posts. I *hope* I can get the things done by this weekend, but might need an extension to the first week of april.

And if not…. it’s my project. It’ll be done in a few days anyhow. But I need that achivement “completed # MonsterMarch. I really do. 🙂

Until that time, happy gaming!


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