Monster March # Sorry, no Monster March this week

I haven’t had any hobby time this week. Last weekend; the whole family got a bad case of the stomach flue, so the two days were spent cleaning body fluids from toilet seats, bed sheets, diapers and other stuff….

So no Monster March progress this week…. Sorry.

Well, maybe just a bit…….. Last sunday I just found the time to shade my dragon with green ink. I really love the “magic seeping out from the inside effect” that this green ink indicates. Picture below.

From a distance, the effect isn’t as profound as the picture above indicates; here’s the beast from a distance:

The project is nearing completion, as the body just need highlights to be finished, the wings need a few more layers (especially on the spines). The rider, however, needs a lot more attention.

I really hope Swordsmaster will give us a bit more time to finish the project. (as I’ll have no hobby time this weekend again) Maybe I can steal an evening somewhere in the upcoming week to get the dragon further into finished-territory. With another evening, I could potentially finish the dragon in time….


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