Halpi’s rift campaign round 1

This blog post compiles the rules for the first round of the Halpi’s rift campaign.

Battles in the COVID-lockdown

Currently, the Netherlands are still in Lockdown. This means that opportunities to battle are very limited. Some participants have expressed the desire to start, though, finding some way to battle a 1vs1 battle within the visitor limitations.

To create as many opportunities as possible, the 1st round of the Halpi’s rift campaign will start immediately and last at least until a month after the visitor limitations have been lifted. This means that potentially the first round of the campaign could last a long time. So be it. If participants want, playing each other over Universal Battles (or any other online platform) would also solve this partially. In the end, it’s up to the individual players to find ways that suit them.

The battle for the Material Plane

The first round in Halpi’s Rift will be a fight in the Material Plane, battling for hotspots where rifts to other realms appear. Conquering these hotspots give armies a great fallback position for the battles in the realms later in the campaign.

Additional rules

All additional rules from the Halpi’s rift book (featuring the material plane) are in effect, including the Eye of the Storm special rule. Players may select the additional artifacts and spells in the Material Plane as per these rules.

The first battle uses the Dominate rules. If both players want something different, use either the control or invade scenario instead.

Selecting the army

Each player has selected a 1,000 point army selected as a basic force for the campaign. This army may be expanded up to 1,500 points (plus any additional points due to invested nexus power). The new army must be fully legal and include the original 1,000 points.

Units included in the original 1,000 points may be upgraded by adding options, magical items and spells (both those included in the original model options and the Halpi’s rift supplement.) As the armies still are still small sized, please refrain from units of over 250 points*.

Each battle played may feature a different 1,500 point army, as long as the original 1,000 points are included.

*If both players agree, the battle size can be increased beyond 1,500 points. If this is the case, the 250 point unit limit could be lifted. The size limitation exists because we have a number of starting players or players who specifically painted an army for this campaign alone.


As per campaign rules, Nexus power is awarded as follows:

  • One point of Nexus power for playing the battle and reporting the result in the public domain on the internet.
  • One additional point of Nexus power for winning this battle. (and reporting it as above)
  • One additional point of nexus power for creating a battle report. (in whatever format you want, as long as it adds to the campaign)

Furthermore it’s possible to gain/lose Nexus power after the battle, depending on the use of said Nexus power. As a reminder, the rules are listed here.

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