Overview: my undead army

As I recently started to collect pictures of my armies, I realized that I didn't have that many pictures of my undead army, except for the few units I painted up last year. The reason is that my undead army is a "gamer's" army. It's not as much an army as much as a collection. … Continue reading Overview: my undead army


How unique should armies be?

As KoW3 looms at the horizon one of the questions that keep me (and at least one of my mates) busy is how different do we want armies to be in KoW? In KoW2 armies get more and more similar. (Not from a hobby perspective, of course, but from a gamer's perspective.) For instance: the … Continue reading How unique should armies be?

Building on a budget – Brotherhood

Mantica needs stalwart men who face off against the evil that stalks the land. The brotherhood needs reinforcements, and you'll be the one to lead them! First things first As with all "building on a budget" posts, this lists focusses on getting a battlefield worthy force on a limited budget. For this brotherhood army I'll … Continue reading Building on a budget – Brotherhood