Monster March ’21 #2 & Jarvis

Last week, I entered @swordmaster’s Monter March ’21 painting challenge and I scratch-built my goreblight model. This week I painted the beasty, and it’s become lovely orgross, depending on how one looks at it.

The result is more than satisfactionary, leaving just the base to be done.

I painted the model using contrast paints; it turned out to be a breeze. The whole model was painted in under three hours, spread out over two nights.

On the left is the model based plague green (valejo game clour chart) with citadel militarum green contrast paint.

As one can see, the contrast paint acts as both a base coat and a wash, creathing this gory green colour.

The model itself is perfect for contrast paints, with a lot of recesses and detail.

After that, I highlighted the whole model with plague green again and then again bone white (for the highmost areas). Then I just needed to finish the details (the bone areas, mouth and teeth, leather straps and weapons) with the right colour, wash and highlight.

The picture above shows the finished model at the elevation I want it be. As the model is hunched quite a bit, the details on the front will turn out on the underside of the model if it’s not elevated. Therefore, I need to raise its front foot some more to show the best of the model.

A gallery with more pictures at the bottom of this post

Next week, I’ll base the model.


Jarvis is the general of my Halpi’s rift campaign force. He just needed to be painted. Last week, I finished painting him, but he still needs to be based. Like the goreblight above, he’s painted partially with contrast paints, but unlike the goreblight, he needed a lot of layers over it.

He’s accompanied by two soul reaver infantry models which are part of a to-be-finished regiment of these guys. Last year, I finished a regiment of these guys, currently, I’m doing a second, but I’m in no hurry to finish that one ‘cuz of the lockdown.

pictures of the Goreblight

As promised above:

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