Thanks to the RC and summer hiatus

Changes to the RC

Last month, dash 28 posted changes to the Kings of War rules committee: Two members have stepped down after a years of service.

Let me join them in thanking both Jeff Swann and Dan King for their work for the game we all love. Without your dedicated work, the game wouldn’t be so much fun as it’s now!

Thanks guys and enjoy the game again as normal players!

Summer hiatus coming up

It’s summer again, sunny and long evenings spent with the kids. Traditionally very little gaming and painting is done in the months of june through august, so this blog will most likely be on hiatus until early september.

Furthermore, the family will move houses somewhere close to december and there is some (probably a lot) work involved in that, which will cut into my hobby time as well. So while the hoby remains dear to my heart, the blog will probably be less active in the months to come!

Happy gaming!


To conclude

Let me finish with a completed picture of the war dogs. They have been finished for a while, yet they haven’t been posted on this blog yet!

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