Corona – affecting the life of a gamer

Picture stolen from a news site

The world is slowly grinding to a halt- all excepting those heroes who continue working to keep our life possible. And rightly so. While I don’t really know much about this virus, our governments (at least, the dutch one) takes the virus very serious and has issued a close for most public life.

As someone who can do some of his work from home, this means I spend an incredible amount of time in my study looking at my computer. Meetings go over skype/hangouts and as I’ve digitalised most of my work processes, those can be done over the internet.

The idea of this lockdown would be that a lot of painting could be done…. Which is true, theoretically at least. In practice, as my two little daugthers are home too, juggling work and child care together with the wife is challenging enough.

That said, as I spend too much time on my butt already for work, in the evenings I feel like working out a bit. Of course, not in the gym, but there’s good workouts on youtube to help one out!

Also, as there’s no games planned in the near future, there’s no incentive to paint anything new. This makes it that there’s little painting done. And frankly, I’m okay with that.

My armies are already large enough, so anything I do is pure bonus. And the current situation does not inspire me to start new projects. Fortunately, the phoenix is done already, he just needs a photoshoot, so I can at least finish # Monster March.

And, maybe, during the 2nd (or 3rd) week of this work-from-home situation, I do find some inspiration. We’ll see!

2 thoughts on “Corona – affecting the life of a gamer

  1. I’m in a similar situation to you. I can do almost 100% of my work from home but have had to adjust my hours so I do childcare in the morning and then work afternoons and evenings. It doesn’t give much free time for anything at present.
    Unfortunately the UK Government wasn’t quite as sensible as yours and initially had gone with a ‘herd immunisation’ strategy. If loads of people get infected, then they’ll get an immunity so there won’t be a second wave of the illness. Having now realised it was a mistake, they wonder why no one is listening to they ever changing messages. I won’t even get started on the panic buying…. I hope you and your family are safe.


  2. Hi mate,

    Everything fine here as for now, thanks for asking! Panic buying was a thing in the first week, now situation in the supermarkets has returned to normal. Except for toilet paper, this seems to disappear as soon as it touches the shelves. I cannot immagine why anyone would hoard toilet paper, but it’s kinda anoying as we’ve started wiping out butts with kitchen towel. Still, if that’s the worst that’s happening….

    Hope you are safe too! These are strange times. And good luck with Boris Johnson!


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