MonsterMarch hobby update (1)

As I pledged myself to MonsterMarch, I pledged myself to recover the sorry beast above and change it into something worth fielding on the battlefield. I’m not the only one, other participants here:

The picture in the header is the state the dragon has been in my drawer for years. On top of that, (pun intended) it needs a rider.

Of the two vampires, I chose the blood dragon, just because…. a dragon riding a dragon, right? Anyhow, he’s got just a base coat; but that means he’s ready to paint any day now.

I undercoated the rider white, while the dragon has a dark base layer; because I want the lightning to focus on the rider instead of the dragon.

Furthermore, the rider needs a saddle. Green stuff it had to be! I’ve done it before, how hard can it be? Pretty hard, it seems….. As I’m not the greatest green stuff artist in the world (and my green stuff was pretty dried out anyhow, so working it was a nightmare) the first results were not what I wanted.

To make it somewhat presentable (and fortunately, the saddle will be hidden mostly underneath the rider) I hid the ugly saddlebow with a skull. If you’ve enough GW models, you own enough skulls for a life time, and now one actually is useful!

All-in, the vampire is perced nicely and the finished job is not too shabby.

As the beast was assembled already, I skipped to the 2nd week of MonsterMarch’s timetable to give it a base colour. As with all bones stuff, a priming is not useful, so I started by just painting the base colours I wanted.

The dragon is going to be dark (black highlighted to medium brown) while the wings are gonna be dark green highlighted to a more vibrant green. (the colours of my undead army are green + neutral colours)

First layer of colour on the wings:

And…. more progress next week!

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