Monster March # 5 – finished!

On the very last day of March, my #MonsterMarch entry was finished. For those who don't know what I've been up to last month, there's several updates here, here, here and here. Here's the overview and swordmaster's startpage too. Pictures above and below. And what a ride it was.... as predicted, there wasn't much hobby … Continue reading Monster March # 5 – finished!

MonsterMarch #4, nearly done

As posted on here before, hobby time was at a premium last weeks. Still, I managed to keep part of an evening for painting, so I could continue with Monster March's dragon. It's nearly finished, as you can see above! Finally, the wings are completely done, I'm really happy about how highlights give the wings … Continue reading MonsterMarch #4, nearly done

Monster March # Sorry, no Monster March this week

I haven't had any hobby time this week. Last weekend; the whole family got a bad case of the stomach flue, so the two days were spent cleaning body fluids from toilet seats, bed sheets, diapers and other stuff.... So no Monster March progress this week.... Sorry. Well, maybe just a bit........ Last sunday I … Continue reading Monster March # Sorry, no Monster March this week

Sorry Brotherhood – Monster March is coming

The last monster I painted was -I believe- the griphon shown above. It suffices to say, that I'd rather paint infantry, cavalry or large infantry as I haven't painted a large model in years. (one exception here, but that one was not for my own armies) A few days ago Pawel Mieczowski (better known as … Continue reading Sorry Brotherhood – Monster March is coming