An uneasy alliance with Basilea

(Below if a bit of fluff for Topaz) The Archduke of Topaz shifted his weigth uneasy. High on his dias, firmly sitting in his chair of office, he should have been the social superior of any supplicant or visitor. In this case it was different, as the supplicant would be more of an auditor. The … Continue reading An uneasy alliance with Basilea

Stormcast Basileans – really?

Stormcast make great additions to a Basilean army. With their large size, they make great palace guard and the flying ones make great (ur-)Elohi, if you like the aestetic. But, as I posted before, there's something off about them. I painted up a few before noticing why. Here's the models: The reason I don't like … Continue reading Stormcast Basileans – really?

Hobby updates: Basilean progress and multibase tutorial

Though the lockdown isn't as productive for me as it's for several others, there's some stuff finished. Recently I posted the individual models finished for this regiment, but here's the regiment in its completed form. The first half (as shown above) is just a two-tiered septs with seven models on it. nothing special. The back … Continue reading Hobby updates: Basilean progress and multibase tutorial