Hobby update – Quarantaine (3)

I've posted Fredoslow's soul reaver infantry before, an idea which I've shamelessly stolen for my undead army. Here's my two test models for painting scheme etc. I decided that a bluegrey basecoat underneath the armour is too bright (it looks like painting chain mail silver directly over the grey plastic) so I will use a … Continue reading Hobby update – Quarantaine (3)

Hobby update Quarantaine (2)

Recently I started out to post my painting and hobby endeavours during the quarantaine period. There's also this painting competition on the KoW forums to inspire me. That said, my hobby progress is a bit fragmented. First of all, there's the greatsword/paladin foot guard project that I started some time ago. Now I do have … Continue reading Hobby update Quarantaine (2)

Hobby update – Quarantaine

As posted before, I do not have much more time than usual during qurantaine. My two beautiful daughters make sure of that..... It matters not, even a little hobby time is appreciated! Remember the single guy who features in my #monster March phoenix fotoshoot? He's a basilean paladin or empire greatsword (depending on game universe) … Continue reading Hobby update – Quarantaine