Sceptical about the Pot Shot rule

Back in 2nd edition, many units that now have the Pot Shot special rule, did have the Reload special rule. While the guys at Counter charge (great show, btw) hail this as a massive improvement, I remain sceptical. In this blog post I'll try to point out why. First things first, what are the rules … Continue reading Sceptical about the Pot Shot rule

A new army for Kingdoms of Men

Finally, the uncharted Empires book has arrived! It required Mantic to Re-send it after the postal services lost it, but I got my grubby hands on the book. And with the book, I got the army lists for my other armies, the humans. (brotherhood, league, Kingdoms of Men) and I must say I love it. … Continue reading A new army for Kingdoms of Men

Tutorial – how to build the foot guard multibase

Recently I built this foot guard horde multibase. I was asked to make another multibase tutorial, so I recorded the building of this project. As usual, the multibase is a bit of a diorama. It depicts a road in the landscape, traveled by the unit. The road is lined with banners, to show that it's … Continue reading Tutorial – how to build the foot guard multibase

Hobby update – christmas holidays

The christmas holidays have been productive from a hobby perspective. There's something end-of-yearish that encourages hobby time. Maybe it's the long, dark, nights, but spending the night underneath a daylight painting lamp is oddly pleasant. First of all, I rebased a horde of foot guard. I wanted to show the unit marching over a roman-type … Continue reading Hobby update – christmas holidays