Hobby update – goblin mincer

With all the 3rd edition hype, there's little hobby work done. Most available time is spent reading the actual book, and both life and work are busy this time of year. That said, a few minor things have been completed. Here's my 2nd mincer! The first one (in the background) was completed quite some time … Continue reading Hobby update – goblin mincer

Updating an undead army from 2nd to 3rd ed

As 3rd edition has landed; it's conversion time! Not converting units (maybe these too) but firstly converting whole armies. In this blog post I'll convert one of my favourite undead armies to 3rd edition. Process First I'll post one of my favourite Clash'19 2nd ed. undead armies. Then I'll update this army to 3rd edition … Continue reading Updating an undead army from 2nd to 3rd ed