Summer hiatus

Dear readers, this blog will go on summer hiatus for the month of August. As temperatures soar (temperatures of over 40 degrees were measured) both gaming time and hobby time will most likely be skipped due to summer activities with family. There probably will be painted a miniature or two, maybe even played a game … Continue reading Summer hiatus

Overview: my undead army

2021 update: The original blog post originates from 2019 when I made the first pictures. Since 2019 the army has been expanded a bit, so I added the new additions near the end of the post. Furthermore, the rules reference of the blog post refers to the 2nd edition of the rules. Some of this … Continue reading Overview: my undead army

Building on a budget – Brotherhood

EDIT: This post was written under Kings of War 2nd edition rules. Kings of War 3rd edition army composition may be different, thereby invalidating some of the below post's army composition. Mantica needs stalwart men who face off against the evil that stalks the land. The brotherhood needs reinforcements, and you'll be the one to … Continue reading Building on a budget – Brotherhood

Bad DnD-jokes

After numerous misunderstandings with the law, something had to be done about our Warlock's reputation. It's true that his communication may be lacking at times, so we tried to solve this by sending along our bard to translate his intentions. These are the results: Disclaimer: this blog post is just a bit of DnD fun. … Continue reading Bad DnD-jokes