Lord Darvled – Mantica’s own populist

Lord Darvled came to power after the victory over the Abyss in the Edge of the Abyss summer campaign in 2017. Here's the official canon description from Clash '18: "throughout the war against the Abyss, the Kingdoms of Men never faltered" shouted Lord Darvled. The cheers from the gathered crowd almost drowned out his speech. … Continue reading Lord Darvled – Mantica’s own populist

Hobby update – holiday painting

I've been on holiday with the family. Two weeks of relaxing with the kids and wife somewhere in the forest, kinda nice. That said, very little painting has been done during that time. After holidays, I managed to finish my reconnoiterers. Here's the four of them. They still need basing, but I'm pretty happy with … Continue reading Hobby update – holiday painting

Hobby Update – Recons and multibase slots

Remember those reconnoiterers that got finished last week? Here's them (without their riders at the moment) while I'm basing them. That said, I also finished one of these slotted multibases where I can fit a number (in this case seven) individual models for my 3rd regiment of knights. Here's two pictures: I must say I'm … Continue reading Hobby Update – Recons and multibase slots