Using the same minis for more than one army

I play humans mainly because I like the aestatic of the average bloke with some nifty tool taking on the horrors in Mantica. It also helps that I own 2 once GW empire armies. (one shown above) One advantage of playing humans is that I can use my models for at least 2 different armies … Continue reading Using the same minis for more than one army

Why I don’t do battle reports (yet)

I don't do battle reports. The reasons for this are twofold. First of all: I do enjoy playing games. I don't enjoy keeping the records to recreate it afterwards, so doing so will lessen my enjoyment of the game. So I don't. Kuddos to those who can. I'm thankful, since I happily read about your … Continue reading Why I don’t do battle reports (yet)

Topaz Fluff

This article tells the background story of my multi-nation human army. My army (or actually: both human armies) hail from the island-duchy of Topaz. The idea is to increase this page's contents as my army progresses. The Topaz confederation in constant state of flux. The island of Topaz (often named the Mother-island) is situated on … Continue reading Topaz Fluff

Monster March # 5 – finished!

On the very last day of March, my #MonsterMarch entry was finished. For those who don't know what I've been up to last month, there's several updates here, here, here and here. Here's the overview and swordmaster's startpage too. Pictures above and below. And what a ride it was.... as predicted, there wasn't much hobby … Continue reading Monster March # 5 – finished!