MonsterMarch #4, nearly done

As posted on here before, hobby time was at a premium last weeks. Still, I managed to keep part of an evening for painting, so I could continue with Monster March's dragon. It's nearly finished, as you can see above! Finally, the wings are completely done, I'm really happy about how highlights give the wings … Continue reading MonsterMarch #4, nearly done

The charge of a thousand knights

This is just a fun post; don't take any of it too serious. That said, when I started my brotherhood-multibase project, I took some time to play around with my single-based knights before multibasing them. What would it be like to have an old-fashioned bretonnian lance formation of 24 knights? Well; the answer is above. … Continue reading The charge of a thousand knights

Hobby update – while the dragon is drying out

Remember those knights which need multibasing? They've been kept on hold for a bit now, as I am particpating in the MonsterMarch challenge. That said, while painting a single model, there's always time stuff needs to dry. So while the dragon is drying out, I spent some time multibasing the knights. It's a lot harder … Continue reading Hobby update – while the dragon is drying out