Multibasing Cavalry

My multibased reiksguard 3 +4. Multibasing Cavalry harder than it looks like, here's why: I do like multibasing. My blog is full of multibased infantry; as I really like the diorama's I can make out of these. Cavalry, not so much. Why? there's very little I can do with those horses and I don't really … Continue reading Multibasing Cavalry

Short hobby update – Brotherhood

just finished Just another short hobby update: This weekend I finished the reconnoiterer above. He's part of my brotherhood project mentioned here: Today I finished the remaining three: Finished! As you can see, they are outriders (or pristoliers, the same GW model) with sword arms. 2 of the pistoliers use state troops' arms, the other … Continue reading Short hobby update – Brotherhood

Guns-n-Glory – ideas for a more diverse KoM army (2)

Siege artillery; the most useful part of KoM artilery for now. A few weeks ago, I posted my ideas how to make the Kingdoms of Men (KoM) shooters perform different roles instead of the same. You can find these here. Shortly after, I promised on the dakadaka forum to think about the KoM warmachines too. … Continue reading Guns-n-Glory – ideas for a more diverse KoM army (2)