Quick hobby update – goblin biggit.

Just a quick hobby update: I’ve mentioned before that the goblin army box I got as a gift wasn’t high quality as it’s very early mantic stuff. (probably the start-of-company goblin box, somewhere in 2013 or 2014). (https://kingsofwarvince.business.blog/2018/12/16/the-curious-case-of-my-goblin-detachment-1/) while this remains true for the goblin spitters and sharpsticks (same base model) it is most definately … Continue reading Quick hobby update – goblin biggit.

Post CoK-19, reconstucting a broken army

I have received my Clash of Kings '19 book in the mail today! Pretty happy with the contents, but my abyssal army needs some serious rethought to be even somewhat effective as its MVP's have been hit with the nerf bat. This blog post describes my thought proces..... the original abyssal army In 2017, I … Continue reading Post CoK-19, reconstucting a broken army